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Twelve Points about SVT renewing ESC

Moriskan, the Euroclub in Malmö Moriskan, the Euroclub in Malmö

SVT has been releasing details about the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, during the last couple of weeks. Today the fifth part (out of six) of the plans so far as presented on their site. let's have a look at them: twelve points about the plans for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

1 | Freedom

The original idea behind establishing a Europe-wide Song Contest in the 1950's was to bring the countries closer together in the post-war era. Bringing people together and celebrating freedom and democracy are going to be central themes in Eurovision as it will be presented in Malmö. Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of the contest on bahalf of SVT put it this way:

- There is a great and very good thought behind Eurovision, just like there is the Olympic thought behind the Olympic Games. But the Eurovision story is maybe not as known and has not really been fully told yet.

The Swedish Eurovision organisers are going to continue walking the path that Loreen already started in May when she visited groups thare are struggling for human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and women’s rights in Baku. The thought that all human beings are equal is going to be leading in the forthcoming contest.

2 | One host

Like in the old days, the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest is going to have one host only. Last years in Baku and Düseldorf their were three, many years before that there were two. This year there will be one. This host is going to be closely working together with all of the production team, so that he or she will be much more than just a talking head, reading phonetically spelled French text from the autocue.

3 | No Sweden Promo

- To use the contest only for Sweden promotion doesn’t feel too good to us, and it is not in line with Eurovisions original idea., says SVT's Martin Österdahl. Especially new countries in the Eurovision Song Contest have been very eager to promote their own nation through postcards and interval acts during the contest. This is not going to be the case in Malmö. Of course, the fact that it is all going to take place in Sweden is not going to be denied, but all nations are going to be in the centre of the attention. No clichés are to be expected anyway.

4 | Organic

When Loreen was asked to describe Sweden at the press conference after her victory in Baku, her answer was 'organic'. Organic is going to be a word that describes the way the show is going to be hosted next year, but not necessarily in an ecological way. The producers are going to attempt to make the show one organic unity, where the live presentation will flow into pre recorded clips and even the post cards inbetween the performaces. There are many ideas, but nothing that is set in stone yet.

- It's all about how to use the moments given by the pre-recorded material and how to connect the different parts of the entire show to one natural flow and a better dramaturgy, says Marin Österdahl.

5 | A slogan?

It is not all sure if the 2013 Song Contest will have a slogan. There have been some good examples of slogans, but also some that were hard to understand. SVT might just organise the contest without one. Four core values for the contest have been announced though. These values, or should we rather say goals are the following ones:

- Creating real curiosity.
- Creating wow-moments. (like the skirt in 1995)
- Creating real connections.
- Creating lasting passion.

6 | The technological advancement has come to an end

For years and years it seemed Eurovision had to become bigger and bigger. Songs where the show element overpowered the message, won the contest. The shows themselves were getting more and more technically advanced as well. In recent years however we have encountered winners that left that tradition behind them. Lena from Germany, Ell & Nikki from Azerbaijan and Loreen from Sweden won the contest with very modest presentations. Malmö is going to tone down the show itself too, to bring it back to a more human level, where technical advancement is no longer the highest goal.

– There is no way to continue the road that was chosen in Moscow and Baku. It is not possible to tell an interesting story with the equipment they used. We can't bring a more extraordinary technical lightshow than in Moscow, not even with an unlimited budget, Martin Österdahl says.

7 | The smallest host town in 20 years

Ever since the Eurovision Song Contest was organized in Mill Street in Ireland in 1993 there has never been a town smaller than Malmö to host the show. The smaller size of the city is seen as an advantage by SVT, there plan is to make the entire city be part of the Eurovision experience. 

– We will create a super event where you can feel you are a part of the Eurovision experience with every step you take. When you arrive at the airport, the train station, when you cross the bridge , anyway you enter the city of Malmö. Every step you take in this city should say "I am there", Österdahl states.

8 | Moriskan

Just a short walk away from the town's centre, you can find Folkets park. In Folkets park everyone visiting Malmö during the Eurovision weeks is going to find his or her way tothe Euroclub. Euroclub is the venue where fans, press and delegations are gathered in the evenings to relax and enjoy the good things of Eurovision. A place called Moriskan in Folkets park is going to serve as Euroclub the coming year. It will be open from about two weeks before the contest.

9 | Multi Kulti

Malmö is home to no less than 174 nationalities. The Eurovision organisers are going to try to get the delegations coming to Malmö in contact with the minorities based in the city.

10 | A small arena

Compared to the arenas that hosted the last four Eurovisions, the Malmö Arena is small. For the organisers of this years contest it is important to bring the artists and the audience closer together. The human side of it all will get a lot of attention. the Swedes have experience with the Arena as it has been hosting semi finals for quite some years already.

11 | Denmark calling?

In Sweden there has been quite some critisism towards the fact that the event is going to be organised so close to Denmark, that the Danish tourism industry will maybe even benefit more from the contest than the Swedish one. The organisers however see the open attitude towards Denmark and the rest of Europe as something positive. An event is even going to be planned at Copenhagen's central square Rådhusplatsen, to attract the Danish fans to  come over to Malmö too.

12 | The future of Eurovision

Martin Österdahl believes that Europe might be getting tired of contributions with loads of extras. Martin Österdahl:
– There is nothing more that can be said by even bigger LED screens and great numbers of blinking lights. These features force cameras to be placed at long distances from the artists, so they will become very small. We want emotional engagement, and I think people will start recognising that, consciously or unconsciously. But probably more and more consciously. That made Loreen stand out, when the backdrop was turned off, the audience could get much closer to her and look her in the eyes. the words she sang started to get a meaning.  Contact was made and a relationship was created with her, and that was decisive. I am very positive this is the way to the future.


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